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Here is a list of extraordinary features of the Compacct ERP system that are widely applicable in case of all kinds of big or medium-sized business related to the retail industry. Just have a look!

  • Real-time Monitoring & Information Management
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management & Retention of Old Customers
  • Employee Management on a Broad Scale
  • Outstanding Outlet/Showroom Management (in case of more than one, multi-location Outlets/Showrooms)
  • Effective Inventory Tracking & Management
  • Integrated Point-Of-Sale System Implementation
  • Integration of E-Commerce System
  • Analytics on Sales & Customer Trends
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Finance & Accounts Management
  • Effective for report formation and reporting related activity
  • Takes shape according to the size and structure of any organization
  • Easily accessible from any location

Top Modules in Compacct ERP

Compacct, a group of cloud based software solutions, strives to make work easier, faster and more convenient. The most gripping advantage of Compacct is that you can actually operate it from anywhere and through any available device.