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The cloud based Compacct POS system is developed so that the amount of manual labour required to manage the sales and distribution of a business can be reduced and time can be saved. There are a host of amazing benefits that you get to enjoy if you opt for the Compacct POS software. The advantages of using the Compaact POS software are listed below:

  • Cloud based software, doesn’t need a physical server
  • Easily accessible from any location
  • Easily accessible through any device
  • Easy-to-use modules and sub-modules
  • Very simple and easy interface
  • Easy and fast access to all product information
  • Makes every task simpler for the employees
  • Customizable according to the requirements of your company
  • Properly developed structure and fast implementation
  • Integration of hand-held device for billing
  • Best software for managers
  • Complete finance and accounting management system

Top Modules in Compacct ERP

Compacct, a group of cloud based software solutions, strives to make work easier, faster and more convenient. The most gripping advantage of Compacct is that you can actually operate it from anywhere and through any available device.